Saturday, February 19, 2022

Lesson 4 S.S. The Economy

See-Think-Wonder Page 62

What is Money?  page 63

GM Crops. Genetically Modified Organism


Find about ecological faming Page 65
Greenpeace solution-ecological-farming

The Importance of Trade  Page 70 
Responsible Tourism Page 71

The Importance of Tourism Page 79


what an Entrepreneur is Page 80


What is trading? Page 82


Supply and Demand Page 83

Activity Book English

Activity Book Castellano

Tema Castellano

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Year 6 S.S. Lesson 2 Europe

Lesson 2 Europe

Magical Europe Timelapse

Amazing facts for a Geography of the 21st Century.

Locate the continents on a map page 29

Países de Europa

Europe: Political Divisions and Location

Geography of Europe page 33

The Alps

The Carpathian Mountains

Seas and Rivers of Europe

European Rivers

Quiz. Rivers Interactive Map pag 34

Mountain, Seas And Rivers Of Europe Game page 35

Major Rivers Of Europe 

Mapa físico de Europa


 Investigate. Is the shape of a landform always the same? page 39

Make a hypothesis

Do you think the relief always stays the same?

A) Yes, the surface of the Earth cannot change much.
B) No, the surface of the Earth is constantly changing very slowly.
C) No, The surface of the Earth changes quickly.

Look for information on these websites:

  1. Why Do Rivers Curve?
  2. La erosión y sus agentes resumen agentes
  3. Erosion and Deposition
  4. erosión y sedimentación
1- Does the landscape ever change?
2- What processes make it change?
3- What are the processes responsible for these changes?
4- Was your hypothesis correct?


Activity Book English

Activity Book Castellano

Países y capitales de Europa y cuáles pertenecen a la Unión Europea