Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lesson 3 The Environment

Lesson 3 
The Environment

Nature is speaking. Julia Roberts is Mother Nature page 46 
Sing for the climate video and lyrics
Lyrics PDF

The latest status of the Ozone Layer page 48
How the sun sees you page 48

page 49

What is the greenhouse effect? page 49
Ozzy Ozone Defender of our Planet

1- Acid rain is very harmful to the environment.
2- Acid rain damages everything over a period of time because it makes the living things in the environment grow.
3- Earthquakes causes the acidity in lakes and streams to increase.
4- Cars release harmful smoke that cause acid rain.
5- Rees, fish and people are affected by acid rain.
6- Sea life dies when  the water is too acidic.
7- The atmosphere deposits a lot of toxic metals into the forests because acid rain contains metals.

Red List of Threatened Species page 52
Biosphere Reserves in Europe page 53
What is Sustainability? page 54 page 57